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Technical Business Analyst

This challenging and highly technical role will work closely with the software sales and business analysis teams in order to work on all technical aspects of new projects. They will work in a pre-sales role to assist in identifying any project risks or unknowns, to map out a risk mitigation plan to address these and to work on any PoCs/Spikes required to prove project risks are under control. They will work closely with the clients’ technical team to ensure any architecture and interfaces are implemented in such a way to provide a clean integration and separation of concerns between new and existing systems.

All such work will be in close collaboration with the client and sales/BA teams. The sales/BA teams are responsible for all final documentation. This role will provide the technical input into such documentation such as API and Data Model specifications, Architecture diagrams, expected infrastructure requirements for e.g. Azure PaaS, Data Flow models and so on.

Key attributes of role:
- Customer Facing
- Creative Problem Solver
- Good verbal and written communication skills
- Identify Technical Risks in new Project Ideas
- Converse with non-technical clients on technical aspects of their requirements
- Ability to take on and explore new technologies and to guide their implementation by the wider development team
- Ability to build out and guide PoCs on Cloud, Mobile, Desktop, DB, IOT, Augmented Reality and any new technologies being explored by Action Point and their clients
- Work with third systems to explore integrations required (e.g. APIs, SDKs, Hardware Interfaces…)
- Provide technical leadership and lay out the initial framework, architecture and plan for the wider development team
- Deep understanding of the Agile estimation process and the ability to work with the sales and development teams in order to provide and sanity check estimations for new projects.
- Qualifications and Experience
- Level 8 degree or higher.
- Web Application Architecture
- .Net Stack, C#, Android, IOS experience an advantage
- 10+ years of development experience
- 3+ years of technical leadership experience
- Experience in Azure PaaS, AWS or equivalent cloud platforms a bonus

Job Spec