Is your company secure?

Previously, we’ve touched on the rising threat of cyber-crime in Ireland and the most common types of cyber-attack. With these threats becoming more of a reality each day, implementing proactive security measures is increasingly important to ensure the safety of your information and company data.

The image below gives an overview of some of the worrying trends in the cyber landscape.

Cyber attacks disrupt how we live and work, how we acquire information and communicate, and what it takes to secure company data. Companies seeking to embrace the modern workplace want to enable their teams to work together with the peace of mind that sensitive data is not at risk.

Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution that allows everyone to be creative and collaborate – securely. In this piece, we examine the security features within Microsoft 365 and how it enables businesses to do just that.

Setting the foundation for collaboration

Bringing together Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility & Security, Microsoft 365 operates on four basic principles: it unlocks creativity, it’s built for teamwork, integrated for simplicity and provides intelligent security.

With a comprehensive set of features addressing security and compliance, Microsoft 365 gives companies the foundation that enables them to thrive. What are these features?

  1. Enterprise-Level Identity Protection

It’s something we keep reiterating here at ActionPoint but protecting the front line of your network is imperative. Most security breaches occur when a hacker steals a user’s identity – 88% of all hacking related breaches used compromised credentials. Microsoft 365 protects identities and proactively prevents compromised identities from being abused. With visibility over who is accessing your data, you can grant access based on risk in real time. Limiting access to only those who need it ensures your data is protected from unauthorized access and identity threats. With capabilities such as defining policies and alerts, and the ability to manage apps, companies gain the information needed to learn, analyze and identify suspicious user behavior. Ultimately, users are empowered to work securely – anywhere, anytime.

    1. Control and Protect Information

The evolution of the modern workplace has placed increased demands on companies – employees are collaborating across departments, devices and locations and companies need to create an environment where this fluidity can be embraced securely.

Protecting business data, while enabling productivity and collaboration across devices and locations is a primary aim of Microsoft 365. Control over the access to information, no matter where it’s stored or who it’s shared with, prevents the disclosure of sensitive information.

With new malware threats arising every day, Microsoft 365 helps protect mailboxes against new, sophisticated attacks in real time. With the tools available, organizations can streamline and speed up document reviews and improve adherence to data retention policies, helping them respond quickly when a breach occurs.

  1. Proactive Attack Detection and Prevention

To help identify attacks and attackers before damage or disruption is caused, a constant awareness of the current threat landscape is required. Microsoft 365 provides proactive attack detection and prevention in several ways:

  • Risk Assessment: A security assessment helps to understand risks, formulate policies and plan for improvement.
  • Manage Mobile Productivity: Secure access to the cloud helping to protect data on unmanaged devices.
  • Safeguard Messaging: Zero-day protection helps guard against malware threats and viruses.
  • Protect, detect and respond to advanced threats: The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other means helps to prevent successful attacks, identify high-risk activity, and quickly respond to contain attacks before damage occurs.

The Next Steps…

Implementing Microsoft 365 in your organization can empower collaboration and productivity in your workforce, without worrying about the security of your data. The security features within the solution provide the foundation your company needs to embrace and take advantage of the positives of the modern workplace.

To enable your organization to work together securely, contact a member of the ActionPoint team today.

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