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Digital Maturity Score – What It Is and Why It Matters

by on 22nd June 2021

ActionPoint’s Digital Maturity Assessment is an online, self-assessment tool that allows private and public organisations to determine how far they have progressed in their Digital…

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5 Tell Tale Signs You’ve Outgrown Your IT Partner

by on 26th November 2020

You’ve been with your IT partner for a long time. Your company is growing, your team is expanding, and you are developing personally. But you…

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Leading your business into the brave new world of hybrid working

by on 23rd October 2020

*Originally published on The Sunday Business post, September 12, 2020. Maintaining a productive workforce while keeping data secure is a tricky balancing act, writes David…

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Exploring the Benefits of Remote Working – ActionPoint’s Covid-19 Report

by on 27th July 2020

In October 2018, the IDA estimated that there were around 216,000 remote workers in Ireland. With mobile technology constantly evolving and the birth of the…

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