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Insights13th February 2019

Scaling IT – How MSPs Can Complete the Picture

Keeping Pace With Technological Change

The pace of technological change has increased rapidly and operating a modern IT environment can be challenging, especially in growing businesses. As new markets open and customer businesses expand, your IT department needs tools, skills and investment to succeed. With continuous innovation bringing new technologies to market, this increases the need for training, certifications and upskilling. Essentially, your IT manager could spend more time in the classroom than focusing on core business activities.

A recent survey of IT decision makers by Auxillian reveals the true extent of the strain on IT departments. Rising cyber security threats (88% expect to increase spending in this area) and the looming uncertainty surrounding Brexit (35% expect an increased demand on IT) are two major challenges facing businesses in 2019. However, the problems for IT departments run even deeper.

Auxillian reports that 75% of businesses are finding it hard to source and retain the right technology staff. With Ireland expected to reach full employment in 2019, this labour shortage is likely to deepen. The true scale of this crisis can only be appreciated when we look at the effect it is having on IT projects. According to the survey, 44% of IT projects are not being delivered on time and 32% are going over budget. At a time when boards and senior management are demanding more value from their IT, with the same budget, it may be time for a change of approach.

Drive Digital Transformation

With IT departments needing to be smarter with their spending, there is a growing trend of businesses engaging in managed service partnerships with third-party providers. Along with giving your IT manager the gift of time, partnering with a managed service provider can allow your business to increase focus on activities that drive digital transformation. We examine some of the benefits of managed service partnerships below:

  • Access to Exceptional Capabilities – Partnering with an MSP gives businesses the opportunity to lean on the expertise of a team of highly skilled IT professionals, with years of experience in dealing with complex issues.
  • Reduced Costs – With technology tools now available to scale up or down quickly when business needs dictate, it doesn’t make sense to stay locked-in to a technology for several years. IT departments need to be smarter with their spending and are increasingly moving away from multi-year capital investment projects for infrastructure. When hiring and education costs are also taken into account, this can become expensive over time. A managed service partnership can alleviate these costs, allowing you to focus your spending on core business activities.
  • Increased Focus on Core Business – By minimising investment in activities that keep the lights on, your business can increase focus on business-critical matters, driving business value and digital transformation.
  • Security and Compliance – For IT departments under pressure due to staff shortages, staying up-to-date with the latest security protocols can be challenging. Rising cyber threats are making it increasingly difficult for companies to safeguard their network. In a recent survey by Data Solutions, close to two-thirds (63%) of companies stated that they were not equipped to deal with emerging cyber threats. Entrusting your IT issues to an experienced partner can ensure your network is securely protected.

Complete Enterprise – Tailor-Made IT Support and Services

Rising demands on IT departments, along with a shortage of available staff, has led to an increase in the amount of companies partnering with Managed Service Providers. At ActionPoint, we have seen a significant uptake in our Complete Enterprise solution. Complete Enterprise provides Managed IT services to enterprise-level customers. As a modern, progressive MSP, Enterprises utilise ActionPoint’s advanced ticketing, processing and monitoring tools to streamline their IT departments. Rather than replace your IT manager, Complete Enterprise is there to give IT managers the dedicated consultancy, support and services needed to succeed in their role.

Better systems and processes lead to increased productivity and reduced risk, allowing your IT Manager the space and time to look ahead to, and build, the future of your business. If your current IT department is looking to augment its skill set to help support your company’s growth plans, contact one of our Enterprise IT team today.