business productivity solutionsThe modern workforce is rarely located in one office. With different branches, working hours, and remote participation, employees need a helping hand from technology to remain a cohesive, productive company. They need business productivity solutions that allow them to collaborate in real-time, wherever they are. They need remote access to all the information they require to do their job. And most importantly, they need their business data protected where they work from. Microsoft Office 365 can meet all these needs, and empower your workforce.

Why is Microsoft 365 the superior productivity solution?

The package contains everything your employees need to be productive, besides a healthy work ethic. Not only does it have trusted applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, it also has additional features which boost productivity, such as Skype, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business.

  1. All you need to collaborate is WiFi

Any employee can join a brain storming session, from anywhere in the world, on any device. All teams need to collaborate is a working WiFi signal and Office 365. Through Skype, employees can meet virtually, whether they prefer working over chat, through calls, or via video conferencing. It’s worth noting that this even saves your company money, as all of your employees’ communication needs are addressed in the solution.

  1. Edit documents with your team, in real-time

Office 365 also provides teams with the flexibility to edit documents in real time across devices. When they’re stored in the company’s cloud, or in Microsoft Teams, employees can work on the same file at the same time. This cuts out the confusion caused by multiple versions of documents, and ensures your team is always working with one version of the truth. Plus, if a team member makes edits which aren’t in line with the project’s goals, back-ups can easily be restored.IT Services

  1. Access data on any device

With Office 365, teams can use any device to access their applications. The design and features remain the same, regardless of if the device is Windows, iOS or Android. This consistent experience means employees no longer need to lug their laptops to every lunch meeting, but can access files on the go from their own phones. If they desire, they can also use their personal devices to access urgent information, without becoming a security risk.

  1. Work securely on the go

Microsoft’s enterprise grade protection ensures your company’s data remains secure, regardless of the device the applications are accessed on. Since data protection is an integral concern of IT services, this is an incredible benefit for organisations. It allows employees to remain productive on the go, from any device, without worrying about their data protection.

  1. Scale your solution as needed

If your increased productivity causes your organisation to grow, Microsoft Office 365 can grow with you. Licenses can be purchased on a per user basis, and the numbers can easily be scaled up and down if department sizes change. Since the solution can be added to your IT infrastructure so easily, it means your team can be up and running as soon as they join your company.

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