ActionPoint has a growing team of 80 plus workers scattered across the globe. In Ireland, we have offices in Limerick, Cork and Dublin – as well as a recently opened branch in Galway. We also have an office in LA, and our work regularly sees our employees hopping on a plane. As our organization continues to grow, we need to ensure our extensive network of staff operates as a cohesive whole. That’s why all our team use Skype for Business, whether they’re working in the office, at home, or on the go. As it’s available in our Office 365 package, this was the obvious business productivity solution. Utilizing Skype means we don’t need to invest in additional software, or figure out a way to integrate another solution with our existing Microsoft tools.

Since it’s revolutionized the way we communicate, we’ve shared the five biggest reasons Skype forms an integral part of our IT mobility strategy.IT Mobility

  1. We create a mobile workplace

Without a doubt, the modern workforce is mobile. Whether our team is working from home, or checking in with clients while commuting, we require mobile solutions for optimum productivity. Skype for Business allows us to access and update critical information in real time, regardless of our location. Only last week our software team held a two-hour meeting with seven participants. Just three of these were based in our headquarters; two beamed in from our Galway branch and two from their home offices in Wexford. Using Skype for Business saved them a combined 17 hours’ worth of commuting, meaning our project turnaround time was drastically reduced.

  1. We collaborate efficiently with our teams

Using Skype for Business allows our teams to collaborate; regardless of our workers’ location. By using the system, we can see if our colleagues are available and if required, schedule meetings with them in Outlook. It also simplifies our company’s conference calls – the business productivity solution allows us to meet with up to 250 people simultaneously. In fact, this month we’ve:

  • Organized 150 conference calls using Skype
  • Spent 4157 minutes spent collaborating online
  • And sent a whopping 3293 IMs

Since we’re undertaking all this team communication from the same platform, we can easily coordinate our efforts.

  1. We contact clients easily

We don’t solely use Skype for Business for internal use.  It’s now our primary business productivity solution for all our conference calls, video conferencing, document sharing and training with our clients. This month alone, we’ve had 672 Skype audio calls, drastically reducing our phone bill. These clients don’t even need to be using Skype to receive our calls; all they require is a phone or internet connection. Even better, we can conference in relevant personnel at different points of the interaction, and our conversation history is stored in the cloud.

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  1. We keep all communications secure

By using Skype for Business, we rest assured that our business mobility solutions are secure. Our conversations are protected by strong authentication and encryption, enabling our team to use them anywhere. Even better, Microsoft recently announced increased support for mobile applications. Since many of our workers use the app on their personal phones, our management secure corporate data by regulating exactly how the app is used. We opted to only allow information to be copied between managed apps such as Outlook, to prevent sensitive data being leaked. Moreover, we can even selectively wipe business information from apps should an employee leave our company.

  1. We reduce company expenditure

Skype for Business is included in Microsoft Office 365, which is the most comprehensive IT mobility solution available. Since our company use it for a large proportion of our communications, it’s resulted in huge savings for our office. Additionally, it’s particularly cost effective since our team don’t have to travel to collaborate face to face, as this month we’ve:

  • Organized 70 Skype video sessions
  • Spent 1254 minutes consulting in video conferences

Want to discover more about the applications of Office 365?

At ActionPoint we believe in practicing what we preach. If you want to further discuss how Skype for Business has improved our teams’ productivity and mobility, get in touch.

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