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The recent COVID-19 outbreak, and subsequent recommendations to reduce daily interactions and self-isolate, has brought the concept of remote working to the mainstream. But there remains so many questions. What tools to use? How do I get set up? Are there any security issues with sharing files and data on my home network? We’ve helped many organisations adopt remote working practices so don’t worry if it’s still new to you, we are here to help!

One of the keys to successful remote working for first-time adopters is providing your organisation with the proper toolkit. For those ready to make the move to remote working, Microsoft 365 is the ultimate solution. In this article we outline how Microsoft 365 enables remote working, focusing specifically on security, collaboration and data protection.

1.    Work Securely from Anywhere

There are many different types of workplaces but for argument’s sake, let’s say there are only two. In workplace 1, staff work out of the same office, using only company bought computers over the company’s internet connection. Workplace 2 is a remote working office where staff can work from anywhere, on any device, using any internet connection. This is hugely oversimplifying things, but it does demonstrate the difference between old and new. It’s obvious that the former is a lot easier to manage in terms of security. However, the latter provides more opportunities in terms of mobility, employee empowerment and positive work/life balance.

Moving away from the simple environment of workplace 1 may concern some companies. However, the security offered with Microsoft 365 can greatly reduce those concerns. Microsoft 365 is an integrated platform that brings together Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) and Windows 10. EMS is an intelligent security and management platform that is designed to help companies to further empower their employees while also increasing security. It is this component that makes Microsoft 365 a more complete and secure solution. To learn more about the increased security offered by Microsoft 365, we suggest checking out this article. Although this article is aimed specifically at credit unions, the security features discussed are applicable to all industries.

2.    Connect and Collaborate with Microsoft Teams

One of the biggest concerns for organisations new to remote working is the effect that separating workers will have on collaboration and teamwork. This issue should not be ignored. For many, a huge proportion of their productive hours is spent collaborating with colleagues. When a team is then moved to remote locations, it is important to maintain strong channels of communication.

This is where Microsoft Teams, a fundamental part of Microsoft 365, comes in. Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based internal communication platform that combines workplace chat, group video meetings, file sharing, and Microsoft Office application integration. Every member of an organisation can work within Teams to create an online workplace. The platform reduces the need for face-to-face meetings by making it easy to hold 1-on-1 video calls. Also, by creating distinct channels based on topics or expertise, Teams can bring internal teams closer together.

3.    Protect Your Data

When a company allows team members to work remotely, it is also indirectly allowing information to be shared outside your network. A primary aim of Microsoft 365 is to protect business data, while enabling productivity and collaboration across devices and locations. Microsoft 365 uses a three-pronged approach of encrypting, restricting and protecting to secure your company data.

Encrypt – With Microsoft 365, you can encrypt every email and attachment you send. So that only the intended person can un-encrypt it.

Restrict – Who can access sensitive data inside documents and attachments? Microsoft 365 lets you control who can open, forward, or print.

Protect – Microsoft 365 protections stay in place after the content leaves your network. It even double-checks with you when it looks like you’re about to send an attachment with sensitive data like credit cards or social security numbers.

Microsoft 365 can completely transform the way your organisation manages remote working. This integrated solution can help you become more agile, secure and productive. It is just one of the many mobility solutions that ActionPoint can help you integrate into your business.

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