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ActionPoint News8th August 2019

Meet the Trainer – Jessica McIlwaine


Having worked in the IT industry for over a decade, Jessica McIlwaine is an established senior IT professional with a wealth of experience across Training, Systems Implementation and Management Consulting. A key focus throughout her career has been on user adoption and change management; a focus and leadership she now brings to us in the ActionPoint Academy.
Herself a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Jessica will be helping our learners adopt and better work with business applications and ultimately, all our customers to realise tangible ROI from their technology investments.

We sat down with Jessica and asked her about her role and the new ActionPoint Academy.

Could you tell us a little bit about the ActionPoint Academy?

“Of course, I’d be delighted; Our mission in ActionPoint has always been to help our customers reach their greatest potential using the power of technology. We felt that there was no better way to do this than by providing meaningful adoption services and hands-on training programmes designed with today’s information worker in mind.
Over the coming months we will be rolling out several transformational training programmes delivered by our expert team.
Upcoming courses will be based on Microsoft Office365, Business Applications, Business Intelligence and Data Analysis (PowerBI), Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, as well as those softer skills so critical to success in the modern workplace today – Managing Change, Conflict Resolution and Presentation Skills, to name a few.”

Who is it for and why should they sign up?

“There is truly something for everyone at the ActionPoint Academy! Our range of specially constructed courses are will meet the need of any organisation looking to become more proficient at using the day-to-day technologies at their disposal. I’m a firm believer that any tool, system or technology is only useful if it is used!
Our core mission in the ActionPoint Academy is to help organisations to become more comfortable using the technologies available and thereby directly increasing productivity, adoption rates and business value.
We are deeply committed to this.
We are also passionate about giving back to the local community in the Munster region and are working on a number of exciting initiatives over the coming months which should see the Academy space opened up to support different groups and communities access, learn – and enjoy – technology!

What are you most looking forward to about the ActionPoint Academy?

“Oh, there’s just so much to look forward to! This is really such a positive and exciting time in ActionPoint history! Having firmly established ourselves as a leading – and multi-award winning – IT provider in Limerick, the team here are delighted to be able to further extend our value to our customers by offering real world knowledge sharing. We just want to continue to provide really meaningful support to our customers and I know we will do that in the ActionPoint Academy.
All of our programmes will be held in a modern, bright and brilliantly equipped classroom environment. We have put a lot of thought into getting the whole learner experience; and I believe we have created something really special for our learners.
We already have a full course calendar and personally I am just so excited about our Analysing and Visualising Data with Microsoft Power BI course (The Intelligent Organisation) coming in September. This course will help organisations of all shapes and sizes better understand and make better use of the data they collect; something that is just so critical today.

Describe your approach to training?

“Collaborative. Immersive and Practical. I’ve always believed that learning is best achieved through doing. We take on a very holistic and hands-on approach to each of our courses, and we are always driven to meet the individual needs of our professional learners.

What training dates are coming up and where can people register?

“The ActionPoint Academy will be officially launching in August 2019. The first two courses will be held in August and are part of The Modern Workshop Productivity Series. This Microsoft training series focuses on integrating Office365 and Microsoft365 into the workplace. The first Modern Productive Worker course will be held on August 16th and introduces the Office365 tools which drive efficiency and productivity for the individual worker. The second course, The Collaborative Team, which gives learners a deep dive into Microsoft Teams, commences on August 30th.

Sign up for the course here, or to learn more about any aspect of how the Academy can help you do more please email us directly –”