At ActionPoint we are delighted to release our latest whitepaper – Digital Transformation Key Trends 2021’. In this free whitepaper, we provide an outlook on Digital Transformation trends within the Public Sector, Aviation Leasing, Agriculture and Insurance and Financial Services. Having had a hand in digitally transforming organisations within each sector, we delve into industry insights, to identify where investments should be made and how to take those next steps in your digital transformation journey. 


“We are asking all public bodies to double down on their efforts on digital” 

Paschal Donohoe TD, Minister for Finance and Public Expenditure and Reform (2019)


Digital Transformation and the Public Sector 

In the past number of years, ActionPoint has worked closely with government bodies to digitise public services. In 2016, ActionPoint streamlined the application process behind Ireland’s Sports Capital Grant Programme (SCP)The SCP is the main channel of government support for sports clubs and organisations across Ireland. The existing application system was based on a long, arduous and often repetitive process. Working with the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport (DTTAS), ActionPoint built a new system that significantly improved the user experience for both applicants and admin staff. Learn more about the OSCAR system here. 

In 2017, ActionPoint worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to design and build a world-class online experience for passport renewals. The online system was met with national acclaim and has completely transformed how citizens renew their passports. This project took place in three parts. The system was first rolled out to adults renewing their passports.  It was then expanded to include children’s passport renewals and finally, new passport applications. You can read about the full story here  

These two projects alone demonstrate the willingness of the public sector to embrace digital technologies. But there is no doubt that this desire to digitise has intensified even further because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

2020 was a year of immense challenges but also fantastic opportunities for public organisations. The global shutdown has underscored the need for public sector agencies to digitise. The gauntlet has been thrown. It is no longer good enough for public sector to have a digital presence. Rather, the pandemic has highlighted the critical need for a digital government. Or, in other words, a pandemic-proof public sector.   


The Future of Public Sector Digitalisation

Digital Transformation in the Public Sector - ActionPoint

 In 2020, we were given the perfect example of what is possible when government commits wholeheartedly to Digital Transformation. Ireland went into lockdown on March 12, 2020. On the 8th of July, less than four months later, it announced the launch of the COVID-19 tracker app. The app was built to enhance existing contact tracing measures, by enabling users to identify close contacts and to alert those who are using the app of the need for COVID-19 testing as quickly as possible.  

According to latest figures in March 2021, the app has been downloaded approximately 2.2 million times in total. We are incredibly impressed by both the remarkably fast turnaround time and the exceptional results. When you consider the level of uncertainty, anxiety and the unprecedented series of events, this project was truly astonishing.     


Download ActionPoint’s Digital Transformation Trends 2021  

In this free whitepaper, we look at some of the key trends in the public sector. We discuss insights gathered in 2020 and important considerations for those undertaking Digital Transformation. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we also outline Microsoft’s four key focus areas for a digital government transformation roadmap.  

For more on this and to find out more about how other industries are embracing Digital Transformation, check out ‘Digital Transformation Key Trends 2021’ from ActionPoint.


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