We are big fans of a creative and entertaining Microsoft 365 Video Series. These videos outline the security features offered by Microsoft 365 Business. But how exactly does Microsoft 365 Business protect your organisation? In this post we recommend three videos from that series which answer that question. Together these videos demonstrate how comprehensive cloud-based security protects your data, secures your devices and safeguards against cyber threats.

Microsoft 365 Business Defends Against Cyber Threats


Most conventional security products deal with cyber threats by scanning for signatures of known viruses or looking for signals from previous attacks. This method protects against existing threats. However, the threat landscape is constantly evolving, and new threats are emerging every day. Microsoft’s Intelligent Security detects new cyber-attacks every second, at a rate of millions per day. And it adds worldwide protection each time it identifies a threat. With Microsoft 365, you can defend against the millions of threats facing your business every day.

From the Microsoft 365 Video Series, you can see that as a Microsoft 365 Business user, you benefit from the following cyber protection tools and techniques.

    • AI-powered security that checks links at the time of opening.
    • Intelligent software that watches for signs of email impersonation, protecting your company from phishing.
    • A virtual environment where attachments are opened in a controlled manner, significantly reducing risk.
    • An array of cybersecurity applications that guard critical folders against malware.
    • Advanced authentication options, which prevent intruders from entering your internal channels.

An ever-growing list of protections against phishing attacks, ransomware, and every piece of malware Microsoft detects all over the world.

Microsoft 365 Business Secures Your Devices


In the past, we’ve spoken about the evolution of the modern workplace. Not more than a decade ago, companies were far easier to protect. Employees usually worked in the one office, using company-owned devices. Nowadays, staff can work from anywhere, on any device. This makes protecting your data a lot more complex. Microsoft 365 Business has evolved along with the modern workplace.

With Microsoft 365 Business you can:

  • Secure your PCs and devices so you can work wherever and whenever you need.
  • Choose between having full control over company-owned devices, or lighter weight application management for personal devices. This means that when an employee leaves your company, you can wipe company data from their device.
  • Manage policies for all the Windows’ PCs in your company, such as enforcing Bitlocker Encryption or automatically installing critical Windows updates.

Microsoft 365 Business Protects Your Data


Microsoft 365 Business uses a three-pronged approach of encrypting, restricting and protecting to secure your company data.

Encrypt – With Microsoft 365, you can encrypt every email and attachment you send. So that only the intended person can un-encrypt it.

Restrict – Who can access sensitive data inside documents and attachments? Microsoft 365 lets you control who can open, forward, or print. This type of control is vital in a modern connected world where information can spread worldwide within minutes if not properly managed.

Protect – Microsoft 365 protections stay in place after the content leaves your network. It even double checks with you when it looks like you’re about to send an attachment with sensitive data like credit cards or social security numbers.

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In this post, we’ve provided a brief insight into how Microsoft 365 Business secures your data, devices and people. Microsoft 365 is an integrated platform that brings together the very best in Office 365, Windows and Microsoft security. For Office 365 users, it makes sense to move to Microsoft 365 Business. If you are not yet an Office 365 user, the benefits are even more substantial. For all growth-minded organisations that are serious about securing company data, driving efficiency and empowering employees, moving to Microsoft 365 Business is something that must be considered. Talk to one of our team today at https://actionpoint.ie/contact/

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