In an always-on business world, outages can be disastrous. Loss of valuable data can have lasting effects on an organisation’s wellbeing. This includes negative revenue impact, reputation damage and loss of customers. However, building and maintaining your own off-site infrastructure can be extremely costly. That is where ActionPoint’s Backup-as-a-Service offering comes in. Working closely with world-leading vendors, including CommVault, Veeam and Azure, ActionPoint creates a backup solution that is specific to your requirements.

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Why Choose Backup-as-a-Service

Offload Maintenance and Management Duties

Backup-as-a-service is easier to manage than other backup solutions. With conventional backup services, the onus is on the user to manage implementation, configuration, management, and maintenance. This is challenging for the majority of businesses that don’t have any experience in this area. With backup-as-a-service the responsibility shifts away from the client.

End-to-End Security/ Encryption

With backup-as-a-service, your data is encrypted before it is sent from your offices, while it is stored and before it is sent back to you in times of recovery. This ensures that data is fully secured at all times. Testing is also carried out on a regular basis to ensure ongoing effectiveness and that all backup is working as normal.

Automated Solution

Backup-as-a-service is entirely automated. Once the solution is set up, information is saved automatically as it’s produced. You don’t have to worry about what’s going on behind the scenes. Instead, you can carry on working as normal without having to worry about data loss.

Scalable Approach to Business Continuity

Many legacy solutions are not built to handle explosive data growth. If data storage goes over a certain threshold, it can cause difficulty as multiple solutions and silos might be required. Backup-as-a-service, or cloud backups, are perfectly placed to handle the fast-growing nature of modern enterprises.

A Solution That’s Tailored to Your Business

ActionPoint’s Backup-as-a-Service solution is tailored to your exact business requirements. At the start of the engagement, we carry out a complete inventory of your systems and infrastructure. We work with you to confirm which systems need backups and what the on-premise and off-premise capacity requirements are. Finally, we make agree with you how often backups should be carried out and how long each backup should be kept in storage based on our experience, industry standards as well as regulations specific to your industry

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Planning, developing and implementing a company-wide IT recovery plan requires in-depth knowledge, expertise and resources. We offer tailored end-to-end recovery services designed to meet your specific IT and business needs. Our services help safeguard your key business data, maintain productivity and limit financial loss, and are supported by a responsive, agile, expert recovery team.

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