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ActionPoint helps organisations of all sizes integrate new systems, applications and technologies to drive efficiency and effectiveness. However, we don’t stop there. ActionPoint offers a range of training plans, both bespoke and ready-made, aimed at helping organisations get the most out of the tools they use.

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ActionPoint Academy

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ActionPoint Academy provides inclusive, immersive and practical training programmes to businesses of all sizes.

 ActionPoint Academy

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ActionPoint Academy

The ActionPoint Academy was launched in 2019 to help organisations get the very most out of the tools and technologies they’ve invested in. At ActionPoint Academy, we take a hands-on approach to training. Our immersive and practical training programmes allow workers to get a better grasp of the technologies available to them. Workshops can be held both online and in-person

Microsoft Teams Training

Microsoft Teams provides a central hub for chat, meetings, calling, and content. Teams allows you to connect remote members of your team who can chat, set up meetings, video conference, stay connected, edit files, and share ideas – all in one place. We help organisations to roll out Teams before sharing tips, tricks and advice on how to effectively use the platform.

Cybersecurity Training

One of the best ways to tighten cybersecurity is by training your team and making workers more aware of the threats that exist. Our cybersecurity training programmes are designed to help organisation better understand the environment. Topics include data compliance; how to protect against phishing; how to avoid viruses, ransomware and other malware; how to ensure that remote working teams are accessing data securely.

Power BI Training

Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. Power BI provides users with a host of reports and dashboard that can be viewed and analysed visually. Our training programmes introduce the basic components of Power BI. We then go through reporting, dashboards and how to use data to inform decision-making

Office 365 Training

Some of the most powerful productivity tools available to any team are those available within the Office 365 suite. Often these tools are heavily underutilised. Our training programmes help workers become more comfortable with using Office 365. We also outline how Office 365 can be used to drive collaboration and productivity in remote working teams.

Bespoke Training Programmes

As well as the training services offered through the ActionPoint Academy, ActionPoint also creates bespoke training plans. If you are rolling out new Microsoft technologies, or trying to better utilise existing tools, we can put a plan in place to upskill your team. We roll out tailor-made solutions that are based entirely around your organisation’s needs and timeframes.

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Tools and technologies are only a part of the digital transformation equation. Training is key to empowering smarter, more effective organisations. Get in touch today and we will walk you through our range of services. We can provide a list of costs, schedules and suitable training plans.

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