Our complimentary Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Session: The Cost of Downtime, in partnership with Dell & ABC Solutions took place on May 29th. The slides and ‘cost of downtime’ calculator are now available.

We had a great turnout for the event and would like to thank everyone who attended – we hope you were able to go back to the office with some food for thought when it comes to protecting your business against unexpected downtime.

Attendees at 'The Cost of Downtime' event

The Dell Solutions Centre is a fantastic venue and I’m sure the ‘behind the scenes’ tour was an eye opener for you all. ActionPoint would also like to thank Michael O’Regan of ABC Solutions, Greg Moore of Dell, Kevin Gannon of Chill Insurance and Dan Murphy of VoxPro for being guest speakers on the day.

You can view the slides below which are available to download for your convenience. The slides from Dell are available on request. Please email info@actionpoint.ie if you would like to arrange a viewing.

We also showcased ‘The Cost of Downtime Calculator’ during ActionPoint’s David Jeffrey’s presentation. This no obligations and completely confidential calculator is free to use – only you will see the results. If you wish to calculate the true cost of downtime for your business use our ‘Cost of Downtime Calculator’ now.

If you attended the event or missed the opportunity to attend and want to discuss the Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services ActionPoint provide please contact us on +353 61 337632 or email info@actionpoint.ie. If you wish to request a copy of our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Brochure please click here.

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