From one-to-one’s to board meetings, Microsoft Teams has been the all-in-one communication tool for Credit Union’s since early last year. When it comes to holding your branch’s Virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM), there’s no doubt that Teams is the platform for the job.  With multiple easy to use features, efficient functions and convenient accessibility options, you can master your Credit Union’s Virtual AGM with Microsoft Teams.


Credit Union AGM


First off, here is a checklist of some things to consider ahead of your Credit Union’s Virtual AGM with Microsoft Teams:

  • Pre-meeting test- Run a test meeting across some of the different PC and device options amongst your attendees to make sure your set-up everything is running smoothly. This also gives those that have not yet completed Microsoft Teams Training the opportunity to get used to the set-up.
  • Record the meeting- A benefit to hosting a virtual AGM is that the session can be easily recorded. This recording will be available afterwards to revert back to on certain topics and  to circulate to those who were unable to join the meeting.
  • Appoint a ‘producer’- Having a team member appointed to control spotlighting, polls or manage attendees with background noise will help your AGM run smoothly with minimal interruptions.
  • Microsoft 365 audio conferencing- Offer access to the meeting for attendees that may not have access to a PC at the time of the meeting. Audio conferencing allows your team member to dial in via a number provided in the meeting ID. Those attendees will still be able to view shared screens and participate through audio.
  • Accessibility- Enabling the closed captions feature or including ISL interpreter as required on your AGM call will ensure that the meeting to those with different needs on your team.


Increasing Engagement and Interaction in your Virtual AGM


Adding Polls

It’s important to get the opinion of your attendees and some items on your agenda may require a vote or poll. Here’s a step by step guide to including a poll into your meeting:

  1. Go to the channel or chat in which you want to include a poll. At the bottom of your Teams window, select Forms.


Forms on Microsoft Teams

Note: If you don’t see the Forms icon, click Messaging extensions  , and then select Forms.

  • Add your question-and-answer options.
  • If you want to allow multiple answers, click or tap the toggle next to Multiple answers. Also select whether you want to Share results automatically after voting and/or Keep responses anonymous.
  • Select Save.
  • Preview your poll, and then click Edit if you want to make changes or click Send if you’re ready to post it.

As people in your group take the poll, you’ll see real time results in your group conversation.



Share a PowerPoint


Share a PowerPoint on Microsoft Teams

PowerPoint presentations are a common feature of normal office meetings. Sharing PowerPoint presentations is even better on Microsoft Teams. The host can share their screen to the rest of the attendees. If they are sharing a PowerPoint deck, the other attendees have the option to shift back and front between slides without interrupting the presenter. They can then get back in sync with the presenter at the click of a button and help your Virtual AGM run smoothly.


Start using PowerPoint on Teams – To share your screen in a meeting, select ‘Share’ in your meeting controls. This is represented by an icon with a screen and an arrow. Then, choose to present your entire desktop, a window, a PowerPoint file, or a whiteboard.



Raise your hand

Raise hand on Microsoft Teams

One of the most challenging aspect of running a virtual AGM is making sure that attendees aren’t talking over one another. Microsoft Teams offers the perfect solution. At the start of the meeting, the moderator can lay out some ground rules and ensure attendees will be given time to speak. During the meeting, attendees can then raise a virtual hand to let people know you want to contribute without interrupting the conversation.

How to Raise Your Hand during a meeting – Just select ‘raise your hand’ in the meeting controls. This is represented by a single hand icon. This will notify the host. They can then allow you the opportunity to speak.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms on Microsoft  Teams

Reap the benefits of one-to-to-one brain storming sessions or focus groups with Breakout Rooms. Organisers can now facilitate meaningful discussions within smaller groups or sub committees using Microsoft Teams. Users can assign participants,  rename each room and use functions in the chat such as ‘make an announcement’.

How to use Breakout Rooms- Start the meeting. In meeting controls, select Breakout Rooms. Select the number of rooms you want (max. 50) and whether you want Teams to assign people to rooms or you want to choose the people for each room yourself. You will then be able to select people to place in each Breakout Room and given the option to rename.


Change your background / branded custom backgrounds

How to change Teams Background

For various reasons, participants in an online meeting mightn’t like the idea of letting others into their homes, even if only virtually. For these cases, Microsoft Teams allows you hide your background environment. You can either add an image or blur out the background entirely. This means that the only thing that other attendees can see is you. If you like, you can upload branded custom backgrounds. This could be an image with your company logo and brand colour. It could even be an image from the interior of your company’s office.


Start using Backgrounds – Before joining a meeting, while you’re setting up your video and audio, select ‘Background Effects’. It’s just to the right of the mic switch. Select ‘Blur’ to blur your background. If you want to use an image, there are many stock images to choose from on the right-hand display. As mentioned earlier, you can also upload your own image.#




Virtual AGM on Microsoft Teams

Each Teams meeting has a dedicated whiteboard where participants have space to sketch together. Whiteboards are perfect for brainstorming, sharing ideas and collaborating. All participants are given access to a shared digital canvas where they can draw, sketch or write. After a Teams meeting, the whiteboard is available to all participants from the Teams meeting chat, in a tab labelled Whiteboard. This is a great function to help you to collaborate and map put ideas for you Virtual AGM with Microsoft Teams.

Start using Whiteboard – After joining the meeting, click the share icon in the share tray of the meeting. Then, in the whiteboard section, select Microsoft Whiteboard.



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