As any organisation will attest to, the decision to improve digital capabilities is easy. The hard part is knowing where to begin. We’ve spoken many times in the past about the need for Digital Transformation. In this digital-first world, the absence of a Digital Transformation strategy is detrimental. No business can survive without reinventing itself digitally or prioritising projects that strengthen digital capabilities. Adopting digital technologies allows companies to operate more efficiently, increase productivity and create a better working environment for their workers. Those that hesitate or neglect advancements in this area, are often left behind. That is why we say that making the decision to improve is the easy part. But then comes the hard part. Where do you even begin? If you have made the decision to digitally transform and have a budget in place, the best advice we can give is to start with a Digital Maturity Self- Assessment.

A Digital Maturity Self-Assessment (DMSA) will allow you to better understand your current capabilities and what areas you need to improve upon. Only after taking a DMSA can you confidently put a digital roadmap in place and decide what areas to place your energy in.


ActionPoint’s Digital Maturity Journey Graphic

ActionPoint’s Digital Maturity Model is a framework used to understand how digitally mature an organisation is today, and to help build a roadmap for the future. There is no industry standard right now. However, after helping over 500 organisations digitally transform over the last 16 years, we believe that our Digital Maturity Model and self-assessment tool is up there with the very best in the industry. We understand what areas are most important and what it means to digitally evolve. We know what it takes to go from being digitally reactive, where organisations have little or no digital plan in place, to being Digitally Strategic, where technology is ingrained into every aspect of the organisation.

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ActionPoint’s Digital Maturity Self- Assessment is an online, self-assessment tool that allows private and public organisations to determine how far they have progressed in their Digital Transformation journey. In our framework, we identified six key pillars that define the Digital Maturity of an organisation. This includes Digital Strategy, Digital Capability, Data Intelligence, Processes, Customer Experience, and Risk and Compliance. When you have completed our Digital Maturity Self-Assessment you are given a digital maturity score along with recommendations on how to improve your current standing.


Why Should You Start with a DMSA?

Digital Maturity Journey

There are several reasons why it makes sense to start, or continue, your Digital Transformation journey by taking our DMSA.

  • Your digital maturity score acts as a benchmark and a foundation from which you can build on. You can see exactly in what areas you are lacking and make steps to improve.
  • Any organisation that is undergoing a Digital Transformation must have a clear idea of what its goals are, both long-term and short-term. An organisation that runs regular Digital Maturity Assessments is forced to hold itself accountable to the goals it sets itself.
  • A DMSA forces companies to become more self-aware and cognisant of their own capabilities. This in turn allows them to make informed decisions about where to invest both time and energy.
  • In some cases, when a company’s digital maturity assessment isn’t as expected, it can be a valuable reality check, motivating senior management to drive further change. For other companies, results might highlight the fact that digital investment is being placed in the wrong areas.
  • Most importantly, our online self-assessment tool is easy-to-follow, it’s free and it will only take 4-5 minutes to complete!


Complete Your Digital Maturity Self- Assessment

DMSA Report

ActionPoint’s Online Digital Maturity Self-Assessment is obligation free. By taking the assessment, you are not making a commitment to us or anybody else. You are simply getting a better idea of where you stand and what steps are needed to digitally mature. After taking our self-assessment, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Take ActionPoint’s Online Digital Maturity Self-Assessment today.


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