"In building our Cloud-based Software Solution for the Aviation Industry we knew we needed to partner with industry leaders to power our latest solution. Working closely with ActionPoint and leveraging their Enterprise Software Development experience, we were able to build and launch an innovative new product hosted securely in the Azure cloud."

Barry Fitzgerald, CTO Cloud Cards

Our Story

The Challenge

CloudCARDS wanted to develop a software platform. One that would revolutionise the aircraft delivery, re-delivery and asset management processes. The software platform which they developed was called CARDS (Civil Aircraft Remote Delivery Systems).   The goal of the CARDS software was to allow owners to track the delivery and re-delivery process in real time.

Not long after the development of that initial platform, co-founder Barry Fitzgerald spotted another gap in the market. This time for a new product, an Asset Management System (AMS). This system was aimed at disrupting the way leasing companies and airlines conducted business by “helping them to manage the day to day technical and financial transactions required to maintain a profitable asset.”

The Solution

Exhaustive Analysis and Design Process

As with the all software development projects, ActionPoint embarked on an exhaustive A&D process. ActionPoint will typically work with key stakeholders to understand and define business and user requirements. In a new product build where innovation and stickiness are key, it’s also important to get an understanding of the market and the broader industry.

CloudCARDS’ Flexible Software Team  

With the help of a trusted technology partner, CloudCARDS now had a fluid software division to help bring their idea to life. ActionPoint were able to pull from their own resources when necessary, saving CloudCARDS the need to recruit technical members for periods longer than was necessary. At any time throughout the product build, CloudCards via their technology partner ActionPoint can access the resources they require across Business Analysis, Technical Architecture Software Development and Quality Assurance.

Azure Cloud 

CloudCARDS initially came to ActionPoint with the aim of building their latest Asset Management System (AMS) on Salesforce. However, due to many technical limitations combined with their future global expansion plans, ActionPoint advised CloudCards to use Azure. After the switch to Azure, ActionPoint saw a 3x improvement in team velocity, which underlines the power of the Microsoft development tools and Enterprise hosting environment in developing enterprise applications.  

Partner Oriented Approach 

It was Barry’s innovation and ability to spot a gap in the market which brought the project to life in the first place. As the project progressed, Barry remained an integral part of the process. The co-founder remained onsite with the ActionPoint team during the development phase. He was involved in project planning, daily stand-ups and had a lot of interaction and visibility.  

The Result

Together CloudCARDS and ActionPoint were able to deliver a software system that met with stringent industry requirements. Phase one of this project was delivered in a timely fashion and the project is still ongoing.

The system is currently being trialled but early results are promising. Partners have commented on the robust usability and functionality of the system. Although CloudCARDS’ new asset management system is still in its infancy, initial progress has hugely benefited CloudCARDS’ long-term ambitions.

In 2018, CloudCARDS secured a major contract with the Chinese aircraft leasing company CMIG Aviation. CloudCARDS is currently raising €1.9 million to take on the lucrative Chinese and South Korea markets.  

This partnership has again underlined what a powerful resource it is to match your organization’s ambitions with an experienced technology partner. ActionPoint and CloudCARDS worked together with an almost unspoken commitment. One side looks after the business and innovation while the software partner is tasked with bringing the idea to life.

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