The Digital Transformation Accelerator Program with ActionPoint allowed us to look inward at what we can do differently in our business. This has allowed us to improve our customer experience and to create a roadmap with some of the key actions that will accelerate our Digital Strategy in the coming months. John Kennedy- General Manager, DPF
John Kennedy

Our Story

About DPF

DPF Engineering is a precision engineering company based in Co. Carlow. DPF work specifically in highly regulated sectors of Medtech, Aerospace and High-Tech. Their services Include Advanced Manufacturing Solutions, High Tech Precision Tooling and Supply Chain Management Services. They work closely with their clients to provide complete sub-assemblies as well as design for the manufacturing of components. Operating lights-out, industry 4.0 manufacturing systems, using automated robot-fed multi-axis CNC Milling, Mill/Turn and EDM equipment makes DPF the partner of choice for several international clients.

The Challenge

Digital Transformation (DT) and implementing strategic digital initiatives were front of mind for John and his team at DPF, with several factors contributing to its importance, including:

1. Internal processes: DPF had recently brought in a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which required integration with their CRM system. External expertise was required to give guidance on how best to do it. Improving their maintenance and production planning processes were also key drivers in embracing DT.

2. Improving Customer Experience: DPF has an extensive customer base and works with many multinationals. In order to maintain their excellent customer experience, it was crucial for them to stay ahead of the curve when it came to technological advancements. User–friendly customer and supplier portals are fast becoming a key feature within the manufacturing space, so keeping up with industry trends and meeting the demands and expectations of their clients is crucial.

3. Internal Expertise: DPF’s team were aware of the DT changes that were required to accelerate the organisation, however, needed further expertise to take it to the next level. John and his team decided to explore options on how best to implement a Digital Strategy.

The Accelerator Program

Having learned of the Digitalisation Grant from Enterprise Ireland (EI), DPF connected with ActionPoint, an approved EI Digital Transformation partner. DPF were impressed with ActionPoint’s background in Digital Transformation projects and felt that the Digital Transformation Accelerator Program would provide actionable insights into progressing their digital journey. For the team at DPF, the Accelerator Program was rigorous and significantly detailed, allowing them to explore each element of their business and where gradual digital progress could be made.

The engagement was kicked off with a full-day onsite workshop, made up of employees from various different departments for the ActionPoint team to work with them to understand their business and where improvements could be made. This was followed by a virtual walkaround of the DPF facility, a system mapping workshop and department interviews to allow the Digital Transformation team to fully understand their business and to allow the DPF team to analyse their current processes, operations and where improvements could be made.

For John, it was important to ensure that he had buy-in from his team, to understand the long- term benefits of Digital Strategy and in implementing digital initiatives across the business.


Key Outcomes

· System Integration: For DPF, consolidating their data to enable it to be used for the benefit of the organisation was a key takeaway from their engagement with ActionPoint. The ActionPoint team assisted DPF in developing an Integrated Systems Framework that supports their operational requirements and facilitates collaboration across teams.

· Floor Digitalisation: Another core recommendation for DPF was increased utilisation of technology on the plant floor. This would reduce the use of paper and improve collaboration, reporting and data retention within the business.

· Establishing a Digital Roadmap: Having had the foresight to accelerate their digital journey, the team at DPF obtained the knowledge and future-thinking required to successfully formulate and execute their medium- long term Digital Transformation strategy.


*DPF Engineering is part of the IDEAM Cluster for smart manufacturing and digital engineering. IDEAM support their members with funding, talent, grants and networking. To learn more about IDEAM, click here.

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