“With the growth we have experienced over the last few years, we simply cannot afford unplanned downtime.

ActionPoint’s Complete Enterprise ensures that doesn’t happen enabling us to be more secure, efficient and prepared for the future.”

Pauline McCarthy, ICT Officer
Milford Care Centre

Pauline McCarthy - ICT Officer, Milford Care Centre

Our Story


Milford Care Centre is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation and registered charity. It was first established by the Little Company of Mary Sisters in 1928 and now provides Specialist Palliative Care and Older Persons Services in the Midwest (Limerick, Clare, North Tipperary). Pauline McCarthy is the ICT Officer and has been with Milford Care Centre since 2000.

The Challenge

ActionPoint has been providing IT support to Milford Care Centre for over a decade. During this period, the centre has undergone significant expansion. Both in terms of headcount and infrastructure with new premises and buildings constructed.

The care it provides has developed both off-site and on-site and the number of patients and clients that Milford provides support to has also grown as a result. Together with this period of expansion, Milford’s IT needs have also matured. ActionPoint first began working with Milford Care Centre in 2007 and has been with Milford Care Centre throughout the entire transition.

Initially, ActionPoint replaced the care centre’s two servers which, at the time, accommodated the forty or so PC users.

When Pauline McCarthy began her role as ICT Officer, there were 160 staff in total. Today, there are over 360 staff members. In the interim period, ActionPoint has carried out a complete virtualisation of Milford’s servers. The need for virtualisation was ushered on by the development of an Education Centre in 2009 and, more recently, a brand-new hospice in 2018.

The Solution

As Milford Care Centre has developed, so too has the level of IT support that ActionPoint provides. Milford had initially enlisted Helpdesk, ActionPoint’s IT ticketing system. Today, Milford benefits from ActionPoint’s Complete Enterprise. This is a more robust offering for enterprise-level-clients, a category that Milford now finds itself in.

Pauline explained the transition and the role that technology is now playing. “It feels like technology has taken over almost overnight. Every staff member is now connected to our network. ActionPoint has been a great safety net for us. The demands on the IT resources has tripled over the last few years. We simply cannot afford an unplanned downtime. ActionPoint ensures that doesn’t happen.”

Through Complete Enterprise, ActionPoint now provides two main services:

IT Security

Over time, IT Security has become an area of increased interest for Milford Care Centre. ActionPoint has integrated SonicWall Firewall and Sophos Anti-Virus. Milford also has remote community service office spaces in Newcastle West, Thurles, Ennis and Nenagh. Improved security measures mean that workers can securely log-in from these sites.

Support and IT Consultancy

Pauline explains how Milford Care has been able to lean on the support of an experienced and expert IT partner. “To ensure that everything is operating at the highest level, we use Complete Enterprise. Fintan, our Enterprise Support Engineer, monitors our IT systems. If anything goes wrong, which hopefully it won’t, Fintan is on hand to resolve the issue quickly and comprehensively.

He also carries out onsite reviews of our IT infrastructure annually and makes recommendations as to opportunities that are unrealised or improvements that can be made. We find this a vital exercise as IT requirements change rapidly and new systems require constant tweaks to our infrastructure, security and overall operation.

The Result

While enjoying a decade-long journey together, ActionPoint has undertaken several key projects. The virtualisation of its servers has made Milford Care Centre more flexible and efficient.

Upgrading to a SAN architecture has ensured high availability and resilience of business-critical applications. In all, the support network that is ActionPoint’s Complete Enterprise has made Milford Care Centre more secure and effective, while reducing downtime.

Milford Care Centre’s growth and development has been remarkable to observe and very rewarding to support. In 2019, Milford Care Centre is now a more modern and well-connected healthcare facility.

Through the help of an expert IT partner and ActionPoint’s Complete Enterprise offering, Milford Care Centre is in great health. This admirable not-for-profit can continue to make an important contribution to the Midwest for many years to come.

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