“Having met with the ActionPoint team, we were confident that they would work well alongside our dedicated team of Data Analysts to deliver a customer software solution that would consolidate our data and dramatically increase productivity as a result.” Paddy Cumiskey
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Our Story

SalesSense is a Partner Company, providing sales and customer services solutions to key clients since 2006. Headquartered in Galway with offices in Dundalk, Tralee and Manchester, SalesSense works with leading companies in the Energy, Telecoms, MedTech, Media and Financial Services markets.

Business Challenge

SalesSense engages on a daily basis with potential customers who may be considering switching their communications provider and through these conversations related stats are collected. When SalesSense first reached out to ActionPoint, it employed three full-time data scientists who were spending four hours each per day analysing this data and manually creating reports for its clients. Not only was this process inefficient but the talent of the data scientists was being underutilised due to administration. There was no consolidation of data, which hindered SalesSense’s efforts in going beyond its customer’s expectations in terms of customer sign-ups and retention.

There was recognition within SalesSense that a software development project was required to enable it to use the data in a more strategic manner. This project was named Project Athena, and ActionPoint was identified as the technology partner for this work.

SalesSense works with several partners concurrently. It was not inconceivable that a number of different sales staff could be speaking with the same potential customer about signing up for a new energy supplier, phone or electricity provider, but unfortunately the data collection process was not recognising the connection. From a lead generation perspective, this was incredibly inefficient.

Athena allowed SalesSense to store data into single location which help us to access any information in quick time. However, SalesSense has added more advance technological ways like API, auto-refresh, failure notification, local to cloud gateway and Power BI reports in visual ways by reducing dependency on excel reports.

The Process

Given the number of variables and volume of data, this was one of ActionPoint’s most technical database management projects to date. During the Analysis and Design phase (A&D), ActionPoint broke this solution down into three components that immediately resonated with the SalesSense team. This three Rs approach –  Retrieve, Refine and Report – formed the basis of the data warehousing solution.

ActionPoint recommended a SQL data warehouse solution, hosted in Azure. This data ingestion engine was implemented as follows:

  1. Retrieve: Extract, transform and load data into the data warehouse. Data sources are brought together in a secure transfer hub and are moved using SSIS into the staging area.
  2. Refine: Apply SalesSense’s business rules and logic to refine the data structure and integrity. The data is placed in a relational database (star schema format), making it easier to query for data analysis.
  3. Report: Implement reporting mechanisms to allow SalesSense to interpret the data and replicate existing reports.

At this point, agents have access to view the customer data via agent screen pop.

Key Results

Having begun the project in November 2019, ActionPoint completed in April 2020. There has been an immediate impact;

  • The solution has allowed SalesSense’s highly skilled data scientists to analyse data in a much more effective way. Over 12 man-hours per day have been freed up to work on higher value tasks
  • Smart collection and reporting of data has created a more effective lead generation platform, allowing SalesSense to make much better use of its sales teams
  • SalesSense has complete ownership of the software solution, meaning it is not only solving a great challenge but has a powerful company asset
  • ActionPoint has put in place a framework to educate SalesSense staff on the new custom software solution. This means that internal training can be supplied on how to use the database so that SalesSense is entirely self-reliant
  • Project Athena has given SalesSense a unique selling point in the marketplace and created a platform to further develop and grow the business

With the new custom software solution in place SalesSense can build upon this efficiency to drive further success for the business in the coming years.




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