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At ActionPoint we have worked with some of Ireland’s leading legal firms for almost a decade. Throughout that time, we have been exposed to the strict compliance and regulations faced by the industry as a whole. Whether implementing a new hardware solution or connecting firms to the cloud, we always put security and auditability first – designing solutions with a “baked-in” approach.

Modern legal firms need to remain mobile, connected and secure and ActionPoint using best practice and best in class solutions are ready to help you transform your business by helping you to achieve more using the power of technology.

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Following the success of a large software project, we knew ActionPoint was a company with the highest technical and ethical standards. They have been our IT partner for the past 7 years and their commitment and dedication to excellence is second to none. As a firm always looking to the future, we need a partner that shares our vision and ActionPoint is exactly that.

James Pierse,
IT Manager at Pierse Fitzgibbon Solicitors

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"ActionPoint has been instrumental in keeping our growing firm secure, productive and resilient."

Robert Bourke, Partner HOMS Solicitors

Legal IT Services

 IT Strategy and Roadmap

We believe IT is a strategic enabler in your business and that developing a clear vision and roadmap is crucial to realising your true potential. Our Strategic approach takes the following steps:

Discover – Understand the challenges and define clear strategic goals and budget.

Review – Assess current capabilities and define roles for future implementation.

Plan – Roadmap key projects with accurate timings and deliverables.

Action – We work with your team to implement the plan as agreed.

Report – We meet with your key stakeholders to assess ongoing projects and to highlight any new IT opportunities.


At ActionPoint, our experienced team carries out a full audit of your IT Infrastructure. We then create a customized infrastructure management solution and recommend necessary advancements. Often the ambition and objectives of a long-standing law firm are not harmonious with their current IT capabilities. By modernizing the IT infrastructure, ActionPoint allows legal practices to achieve continued successes in the future.


It can be difficult and costly for law firms to build a competent IT team to meet with their growing needs. Recruitment, Training and Regular upskilling are also challenges are also areas that firms need to think of.

By utilising the expertise of ActionPoint’s support team, firms can lean on ActionPoint to assist end-users, report on your IT environment, carry out root cause analysis and with our Enterprise Support Desk offering, we can also assist technical staff and IT managers for more complex issues.


In 2017, 38% of Ireland’s top 20 law firms have reported cyber-attacks, an increase of 61% over the previous 12 months.

With firms practising nationwide and the workplace becoming more liquid, cybersecurity becomes an even bigger threat to business. ActionPoint recommends a multipronged approach to security, incorporating awareness, education, technology and tools. This approach involves a full security assessment, documenting weaknesses and vulnerabilities. ActionPoint then outlines the best strategies to ward off threats and protect critical data.


ActionPoint helps law firms to develop a multi-endpoint mobility strategy. This encompasses security, user experience and BYOD. IT mobility is redefining business and creating a more positive work-life balance. For law firms, with associates accessing critical files on the move, having a more robust mobile strategy is critical. There needs to be certainty that all mobile devices are secured and encrypted from end-to-end. This ensures complete peace of mind for the user and a safer, more dynamic workplace.

 Business Continuity

A firm is only as secure as the business continuity plan it has in place. In the legal sector, where up-to-date information can hold critical importance, extended downtime can have disastrous results. Every organization needs to have a continuity plan in place. When the unexpected happens, you need to know that you are protected. Our recovery plans are tailored to reduce the loss of crucial data and shorten the time before your business is back up and running.

How we work


At ActionPoint we understand that no two IT environments are alike. This is especially relevant in the legal sector where documents are sensitive, codes of practice are highly scrutinized and cyber threats are ever present.

A holistic approach

Our experienced team of experts take a holistic view of your complete IT environment. We highlight the areas that need strengthening and challenges that lay ahead. We outline potential next steps and plan exactly how we will work together to strengthen operations. The goal, as always, is to help your firm meet its greatest potential.

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Don’t leave your organization open to disruption. Through competition from online, on-demand and more agile legal practices. Disruption to business through equipment or server breakdowns. Disruption elicited through cyber attacks in a ever evolving, sophisticated threatspace.

Create a more modern, robust and positive work environment with the help of Trusted, Transparent and Experienced  IT partner.


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