ActionPoint’s Unified Endpoint Management solution allows companies to manage data, licences, applications, users, and security of all devices remotely and from a single platform.  


Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) could be looked at as the evolution of mobile device management. In today’s business world, employees work from both home and office and across traditional, personal and mobile devices. UEM has evolved to provide a solution to the challenges faced by modern businesses. It supports the modern worker who can move from personal usage to work usage on their devices, safely and securely from anywhere. 

Unified Endpoint Management is a unification of a range of different endpoint management solutions. This includes Windows 10 updates and compliance, always-on VPN, Windows Hello for Business, autopilot management, device lifecycle management, mobile device management, and workplace wellbeing (e.g enabled working hours 9-5 Mon-Fri).  

Unified Endpoint Management

The Ever-Evolving Technology Needs of the Modern Workplace 

The technology needs of the modern workplace are changing. Employees used to work off a single, company-owned device. They accessed a corporate network and only used legacy applications. All processes were manual rather than automatic. All maintenance and security decisions were made reactively and not proactively. Configurations were high touch as opposed to self-service. In all, it was a lot easier to monitor and maintain.

The modern worker, on the other hand, uses multiple devices, both company-owned and personal. They access company information through several different networks and expect a high level of mobility and flexibility. This is a positive development in terms of work/life balance and job satisfaction. But it’s not without its difficulties. 

The current state of play creates a number of challenges for modern businesses:

  • Workers are using multiple endpoint devices (laptops, phones, tablets) that are unmanaged and present a huge cybersecurity risk. 
  • Multiple users accessing multiple unsecured, third-party networks adds to the security headache. 
  • Organisations have no visibility over remote or mobile devices and who is accessing company data.  
  • Organisations also have no clarity on whether or not devices are being kept up to date and if they meet with compliance standards. 
  • It can be slow and time-consuming for companies to configure new devices and to repurpose laptops (both personal and company-owned). It’s especially challenging to deploy or update software to remote devices.  
  • There is a huge IT admin/operational overhead on endpoint devices (management, support, deploying new applications). 
  • When issues arise in remote environments, employees are often subjected to extended periods of inactivity.

Unified Endpoint Management

ActionPoint’s Unified Endpoint Management

ActionPoint’s Unified Endpoint Management provides organisations with a modern device management solution. This means that the endpoint protection system is built with cloud intelligence at its core. This solution connects IT with security and places end user experience to the fore. Unified Endpoint Management is built with remote working, BYOD and the on-the-go worker in mind. It is a more robust, flexible and streamlined endpoint management system.  

Unified Endpoint Management offers native integration with cloud-powered security controls and risk-based conditional access for apps and data. With UEM, you can also maximise your investment with fast rollout of services and devices across the Microsoft suite.  


What are the benefits of Unified Endpoint Management? 


For a modern, multi-device, multi-location business there are multiple benefits of using ActionPoint’s Unified Endpoint Management System. 

  • Improved remote employee onboarding and login experience  
  • Simplified device setup for all staff  
  • Reduction in downtime across user base 
  • Proactive updating of endpoint management platform 
  • Proactive updating of security of the endpoint
  • Actionable insights on device performance 
  • Improved uptime as devices are regularly updated and managed 
  • Better end user experience and more time dedicated to work 

Current remote device security is questionable to say the least. It’s also incredibly challenging to deploy or update software to remote devices. Organisations are left vulnerable and open to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Unified EndPoint Management from ActionPoint is about simplifying your current software stack and creating a system that is more geared towards the modern workforce.  


To learn more about ActionPoint’s Unified Endpoint Management and how it can strengthen your business, click here.

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